The Fiberglass Ford Truck Extended Cab

mint green truckYou can now view some of the finished Extended Cab Model A pick-up trucks that have been built at Studleys Independent Rods.
  • Extended Cab Model A pick-up truck on our chassis with 8" Ford rear-end painted orange and silver with our Model A dash panel and hidden door handles. Wheel and tire combinations are as follows: rear wheels - 15x8.5 tires P255/70R-15, front wheels - 15x41/2 tires P155/80R-15.
  • Extended Cab Model A pick-up truck on our chassis painted red primer with our 32 style dash and exterior door handles. Tire and wheel combinations are as follows: the front wheels are 14X6 195x17R-14, the rear wheels are 15X8 235/75R15.
  • Extended Cab Model A pick-up truck with a black finish, spoke wheels, wide white wall tires, cherry wood bed and matching side rails, LT-1 corvette motor, 4L 60E tranmission, 8" Ford rear end, heat and a/c, power windows, power locks and A-Model dash.
  • Extended Cab Model A satin black pick-up truck with 14" front wheels, 15" rear wheels, 32 dash, power locks, power windows, 8" Ford rear end, 305 Chevy, 700 R transmission, classic instruments gauges, and tilt column.
  • Extended Cab Model A silver pick-up truck with bright red interior.
  • 1930 Truck red pick-up truck with the following features: crate motor 350 330 horse power Vortex heads, dual fours, 700 R transmission, 32 grill, 32 dash, power windows, and glide front seat.
  • 1930 Truck is a beautiful blue truck and with great accents.
  • An emerald green truck built by Studleys Independent Rods.
  • A black 1930 Truck with a special scooped front end.
  • A mint green truck with yellow wheel accents.